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Issue No. 99, Feb 2016

The Library has recently established a platform called DataSpace@HKUST ( to facilitate HKUST researchers in publishing research data – and storing and sharing data among their own group.
Once published in DataSpace@HKUST, datasets will be given an internationally recognized identifier (DOI) and become openly accessible, making it easier for our researchers to get credit for their work.  The Library will provide services to enhance the metadata and to ensure the published data is properly archived and permanently accessible.
HKUST researchers can also create their own workspace in DataSpace@HKUST for their ongoing projects.  They can store and manage their data files in a restricted environment throughout the research cycle, sharing data among collaborators or with classes.  Data in the workspace will be routinely backed up, thus saving you that trouble as well.
The Library is inviting faculty members and RPG students to join this service. You can simply fill in an online form to create your workspace. Currently, available storage allows the platform to accept datasets up to 50GB in size.
Contact if you are interested in the service or to request a demonstration.  Also let us know if you have datasets to deposit.
Researchers are increasingly challenged by the needs of managing their research data systematically. Granting agencies are requiring proposals to include a data management plan, while publishers are asking manuscript submitters to deposit their supporting data in publicly available repositories.
A research support survey conducted by the Library last year reveals that our researchers highly value data support from freely available software and from the Library.  With the introduction of DataSpace@HKUST, our researchers now have a readily available platform that can support their data management needs.