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Issue No. 99, Feb 2016
Library BookTalks: Feb/March
The Library has two book talks scheduled soon.
The first, Seeing (My World) through Writing, will be held on Friday, February 19th at 12 noon and will be in English.  Dr Susanna Ho of the Center for Language Education at HKUST will discuss and compare her two novels: Mother's Tongue: A Story of Forgiving and Forgetting and her forthcoming Who's that Ant? Whose Dead End? She will explore how she sees the world through the eyes of the main characters and share how she makes sense of her world through writing, illuminating both Dr Ho's work and the writing process itself.
Well-known Hong Kong author and reporter 陳曉蕾 will talk to us on Tuesday, March 22nd  from 1:00-2:00pm. Ms Chan Hiu-lui is the author of many works; most recently 阿媽 (2014), 好味 (2013), and 死在香港: 棺材 (2013).  Speaking in Cantonese, Ms Chan will discuss her books and writing.
We hope you will enjoy these lunchtime talks, both of which will be held in the Library's LG4 multi-function room.