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Issue No. 99, Feb 2016
Library Exhibition Supports the Teaching Curriculum
The Library has been very successful in organizing exhibitions and many have received wonderful comments. Apart from their artistic and cultural values, these exhibits serve as learning objects for the University's academic programs.
In the Palm of Your Hand: Miniatures in Chinese History and Others features over 130 ancient miniatures from China and other cultures.  This exhibition opened on 26 November and will run until 30 April.  This term it will provide a focus of study for the course "Introduction to Chinese Arts" offered by the Division of Humanities.
Students enrolled in the course will choose one or more of the exhibited miniatures to study as their individual term project.  At the end of the term, students will present their results for publication on the exhibition website.
The Library will organize several in-depth gallery tours and a talk to help students study and evaluate these art works.  Our librarians will also provide reference assistance and other research support.
To make all this possible, the Library works closely with Prof Li-tsui Flora Fu, course coordinator, and Mr Francis Li, the collector who lent us these exhibits.  This is our second collaboration, and we are happy to work with them again to turn an exhibition into an exciting teaching and learning project.
Stay tuned for announcements of the gallery tours and talk, open to ALL University members!