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Issue No. 99, Feb 2016
New Physical Access Policy
Ever since the Library opened its doors in 1991, HKUST has been proud of the Library's "Open Access" policy.  We are the only UGC-funded academic library not requiring users to show university ID when entering the Library.  However, priority to use the facility and its resources has always resided with HKUST community, as stated on the Library's website:
"As a public-funded institution, the Library seeks to benefit scholars both within and outside of the University community...  The Library's primary commitment is to HKUST students, faculty and staff.  When space, collections or services are overburdened, the Library reserves the right to restrict the use of materials, services and facilities..."
When the Learning Commons opened in 2012, users accessing the facility late at night need to use their university ID cards during the "Card Access Periods" (from 11pm to 8am during the regular semester).  This ensures the facility is being used only by HKUST community members overnight.
New situations and challenges now require the Library to revise its physical access policies and procedures. The number of users entering the Library has increased almost 30% from 2012 to 2015 (from 1.6 million to 2.1 million).  Study seats are always in high demand these days.
In order to maintain a quality, safe, pleasant study and research environment for our users, the Library plans to implement "Card Access" at all times.  New entry gates will be installed on the Ground Floor.  Students, staff, faculty, family members, and alumni are reminded to bring their university IDs when visiting the Library. Departmental cards will continue to be issued to departments/units/centers for their guests.  Non-HKUST users with research needs can apply for a Reader's Card or a Borrower's Card ( During summer and winter breaks, non-HKUST users will be allowed to enter the Library if they provide personal information.  These changes will ensure the Library's space, collections, and services will not be overstrained.