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Issue No. 99, Feb 2016
Spring Exhibitions

At the start of the Spring Term, the Library will stage two exhibitions:
Have Cloud: Paintings by Danny Liu (有雲 - 劉定渝油畫展) will feature over 45 paintings by Prof Danny Liu – an accomplished scientist, academic, and artist. This will be Prof Liu's first exhibition in Hong Kong.
Now a professional artist, Prof Liu is an Emeritus Professor of Arizona State University; the founder of ZONA Technology; A Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; a two-time Ronald Reagan Gold medalist; and a member of President Bush's small business advisory council.  He earned his PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Southampton.
Prof Liu showed his artistic talents when he was an undergraduate at National Taiwan University.  He was a university symphony violinist, and launched Taipei's first string quartet when 19 years old.  Almost at the same time, he mounted his first painting exhibition with several outstanding student painters at NTU.  He has three distinctive periods in his painting career: his college days (1960s); California and Arizona (1980s-2000s); and Taiwan (2011- ).
The Exhibition will open on 25 February in the Library's Ping Yuan and Kinmay W Tang Gallery.  On the same day, Prof Liu will give a gallery tour and a talk titled "My Horizon" to share his views on Science and Arts.  For details see
Art Dimensions (薈藝空間) will display 87 outstanding artworks by students from this year's Common Core Programs.  The works are of different art media, such as Chinese and contemporary paintings, photos, figure and experimental drawings, print making, etc.  The artwork images will also be posted to our online platform at