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Update on the work of the Task Force on the UG Hall Allocation Policy Review
June 2016
Update on the work of the Task Force on the UG Hall Allocation Policy Review

It has been more than two years since the adoption of the existing UG Hall Allocation Policy (“Policy”) after its revision in 2013. To conduct reviews and make recommendations on the enhancement of the Policy, the Task Force on UG Hall Allocation Policy Review (“Task Force”), chaired by the Dean of Students, was formed in September 2015.

Six regular meetings were held by the Task Force between September 2015 and February 2016. In between, diverse opinions on the Policy were collected from students, and members of the Task Force had made recommendations on the Policy regarding students’ opinions.

In February 2016, an Open Forum was held to collect students’ opinions on the recommendations proposed by the Task Force. The recommendations included adjustments in the following aspects:

1. Increase the maximum home distance score from 50 to 60, so the maximum composite score to be given to students would increase from 100 to 110
2. Convert home distance score from an exponential curve
3. Increase the interchange time from current 5 minutes (1st interchange) / 8 minutes (2nd interchange) to 8 minutes per interchange
4. Scores awarded in contribution to campus life

In the Forum, students expressed their concerns and worries on the proposed adjustments. In view of this, the Task Force suspended the proposal of changes that should have been submitted to the University for deliberation and approval.

In March 2016, new members to the Task Force were elected and nominated among registered full-time undergraduate students. In order to further address students’ concerns on the Policy, members of the Task Force are communicating with students and having discussions with different School Departments, in the hope of devising a better UG Hall Allocation Policy that could satisfy the needs of our students. With further meetings and open forums to be held, it is believed that progress could be made in the upcoming Task Force Meetings and a consolidated proposal of changes could be submitted to the University for deliberation and approval in coming months.