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June 2016
Storm Glass Workshop, UG Hall II
SAM Tsz Wing
SSCI, Year 3
UG Hall II

The Storm Glass Workshop, organized by Hall Education Team of UG Hall II was held at the night of 16 March. Storm glass is a weather forecasting device with liquid inside a sealed glass. The weather can be forecasted according to the amount and status of the crystal formed inside.

In the workshop, participants were provided with materials to make their own storm glass. The instructor introduced the scientific mechanism behind this little storm glass and taught the participants the way to make the glass. It was like a chemistry laboratory, we were busy with the measurements of liquids and dissolution of salts. The storm glasses we made were so beautifully done with white crystal inside! I found this workshop very interesting and enjoyable as we could apply the things we have learnt in our daily lives. Besides, the instructor did a good job in creating the atmosphere and keeping the participants’ attentions. These turned the whole workshop into a fun and awesome experience. I love joining these workshops as they can develop our interests in different areas. Also, we can do something amazing with our friends!

Course instructor introducing the mechanism of Storm Glass.
Materials of Storm Glass
Participants making their first storm glass.