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June 2016
Cupcake Workshop, UG Hall II
HAN, Mei
IPO, Year 2
UG Hall II

On 19 March 2016, I participated in Gudetama Cupcake Workshop organized by the Hall Education Team of UG Hall II. It was a great opportunity for me to get involved in the Hall II network and enjoy the fun of making delicious cupcakes while engaging in the warm family of Hall II residents.

The most interesting and artistic part of making cupcakes was decorating them with Gudetama. We burst out laughing together when we saw the lazy appearance of the Gudetama. The cupcakes were absolutely tasty. Sharing the desserts helped me build better connections with my friends in Hall II and also make new friends. In brief, joining the Gudetama Cupcakes Workshop was a happy experience, and I enjoyed sharing the lovely cupcakes with people around me.

Course instructor demonstrating the skills in mixing the ingredients.
Photos of the Products
Prof Banfield, Residence Master of UG Hall II and Participants