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June 2016
“Organic Farming Pioneers” program, UG Hall III
SPANDAGOS Konstantinos
PhD(CIVL), Year 4
Tutor of UG Hall III

For the first time, UG Hall III launched its “Organic Farming Pioneers” program. This was a new initiative, which aimed at promoting among hall residents the idea of appreciating and respecting nature. Its aim was to engage a group of residents, who was passionate about green living, to create an organic farm at the outdoor space behind the hall.

The program started on 30 January 2016 when 18 residents started creating the organic farm; they worked together with the Residence Master, the Residential Life Officer and the Hall Tutors with the guidance of experienced farming trainers. The planting was done inside special organic farming boxes, which were assembled by the participants and placed at the outdoor space behind the hall. A variety of seeds were planted, including Italian Lettuce, Chili, Basil, Beans, Chinese Chives, Chinese Kale and Spinach.

All the participants enjoyed the progress very much! The benefits were multiple: first of all, the “green space” and the aesthetic beauty of the hall improved. As for students, they not only had the chances to bond with one another while doing something meaningful, but also the chances to learn to be responsible, organized and to pay attention to details. This would help them become the leaders of tomorrow!

There were 12 boxes in total; nine for the students, one for the Residence Master and the Residential Life Manager, and two for the Hall Tutors. The participants continued to take care of the plants every day, watering them and applying fertilizer whenever necessary.

This farm would be a legacy for all the future residents of UG Hall III to enjoy! In addition, the organic vegetables produced by the farm would be consumed by the residents of the hall in future dinner gatherings!

The hall residents work hard to create the farm.
Two participants having their first harvest.
All the participants pose happily after creating the first ever organic farm of UG Hall III.