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June 2016
UG Hall IV Hiking at MacLehose Trail
YUE Lulu
MPhil (Life Science)
Tutor of UG Hall IV

It was a relaxing and fantastic hiking experience with Prof. Alexis Lau (Residence Master), Miss Sandy Yu (Residential Life Officer) and all participants from Hall IV. Even though the weather was unstable few days before the trip, luckily it was a sunny day when we went for the hike.

We departed from UST pier on a comfortable yacht to High Island. The ocean view from the yacht was very nice and we also enjoyed fantastic natural scenery when we passed by some islands. When we arrived at High Island, we enjoyed delicious seafood meal in an outdoor restaurant. After lunch, we visited Tin Hau Temple and headed to MacLehose Trail (section one). The view along MacLehose Trail was so beautiful and impressive!

What’s more, our Residence Master introduced the history of Tin Hau Temple and MacLehose Trail, which helped us better understand the culture and nature of Hong Kong. As a recognition for engagement and persistence, we took photos every time when we reached the trail signs along MacLehose Trail. After a 3-hour hike, we completed section one of the trail and at the same time we enjoyed a lot with the natural environment. It was a relaxing and joyful hike with my friends from Hall IV.

Enjoying the scenic view along MacLehose Trail.
Visiting Tin Hau Temple at High Island.