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June 2016
Hong Kong Wetland Park Adventure Tour, UG Hal III
PhD(CHEM), Year 2
Tutor of UG Hall III

On 27 Feb, UG Hall III had a memorable adventure tour at the Hong Kong Wetland Park.There were a total of 37 residents participating in this exciting journey. Our unforgettable journey was mainly composed of three parts and started from the departure at the lobby of UG Hall III in the morning.

Taking the coach to Hong Kong Northwest, we first arrived at the Tos Farm (陶氏農莊). There were many kinds of plants as well as cute domesticated animals in the farm. Our residents deeply immersed themselves in picking strawberries and playing with little rabbits and goats. They enjoyed their time in nature and did not want to leave.

Time flied and at noon we reached Lau Fau Shan, a famous place for seafood. We walked along Main Street and were greatly impressed by various seafood and the restaurants around us. At the end of the road, we could see the modern view of Shenzhen located on the other side of Sham Chun River. After taking a look at the breathtaking scenery, we enjoyed a delicious meal in one of the seafood restaurants.

After lunch, we took the coach to Tin Shui Wai and arrived at our final destination – the Hong Kong Wetland Park, a beautiful spot for ecotourism in Hong Kong. We had a 1.5-hour guided tour on the history of this park as well as the living habitats of all kinds of wetland plants and animals we saw on our way. Although the tour was short, we really learned a lot from the tour guide.

Through these well-arranged activities, not only did we broaden our horizon and make new friends, but also learnt more about nature and better understand the meaning of green living!

Participants playing with goats.
Residents watching birds in the lake through telescope.
Participants enjoying the yummy seafood.