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June 2016
Kung Fu Demonstration, UG Hall VII
CHAN Mun Kit
SBM, Year 2

The Kung Fu Demonstration Workshop was organized to promote a healthy lifestyle whilst introducing Wing Chun Kuen, one of Hong Kong’s specialities, to Hall VII residents. Wing Chun Kuen was founded in China and developed in Hong Kong. Yip Man came to Hong Kong and taught Wing Chun Kuen in 1950s'. It was then spread to Europe and America in around 1960-70s' and became popular among foreigners.

The workshop was hosted by Sam Lau Wing Chun, and conducted by instructors including Master Sam Lau himself, first generation disciple and assistant instructor of Yip Man. Max Lau, his own son and two of his best students were also present to teach us the basics of Wing Chun Kuen. Master Sam delivered a brief, yet interesting lecture on the background of Wing Chun Kuen before proceeding to demonstrate some simple beginner-friendly techniques for us to practise.

The hands-on exercise and simple technique practice were very interactive between the participants and instructors. We were given the chance to “spar” and “try out” the demonstrated techniques with other participants and even on the instructors themselves. The execution of the basic Wing Chun Kuen techniques seemed fairly straightforward and easy to follow. But in fact, most of us struggled to get it right the first several tries. Master Sam explained that practice was the key to mastering not just these moves, but also many things in life.

My biggest surprise was how tiring these practices actually were despite the beginner techniques mostly involved only one or two limb movement. It was definitely an amazing experience and a great honour to learn and practise martial arts with a living legend such as Master Sam Lau.

Demonstration of Wing Chun Techniques
Group Photo after the Workshop