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June 2016
Eating, Drinking, Arm-Wrestling (E.D.A), UG Halls VIII & UG Hall IX
YEUNG Hiu Ching
SSCI, Year 4
UG Hall IX

Residents in UG Hall VIII and UG Hall IX celebrated the end of the midterms with E.D.A. contest on 16 March at the Dining Hall of UG Hall VIII. They were enthusiastic in showing off their potential in the contests.

The event began with the Eating and Drinking contest. Consisted of four stages, male and female residents competed respectively in speed eating. Some international contestants were shocked by the taste of “24-flavors Chinese herb tea”. The others were brave to accept the spicy noodles and raw onion challenges. Top 3 winners from each round were awarded with attractive prizes. The harder the stage they reached, the greater the victory, and the better the prize they won.

The event moved on to the Arm-Wrestling competition with separated categories for Male and Female. Only left hand could be used in the competition. The “never-let-go” competitors on the battlefield and the cheering audiences at downstage had showed the contrast, creating a tense atmosphere during the competition. One can never be judged by their appearance as they can have hidden power that could surprise everyone. Prizes were given to the winners. They were opponents in the competition but became friends in real life.

With all the efforts and energy spent in the competitions, the E.D.A. event ended with a nice dinner. All Residents were welcomed to enjoy the food prepared by the Organizing Team and make new friends at the same time. It was a relaxing night to cheer the residents up in the mid-way of the semester.

The speed of contestants wolfing down food amazed the audiences.
Battle of strength.