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June 2016
A Thought-provoking Tour to the Fresh Fish Traders’ School
TAN Jing Jing
SHSS, Year 1
Participant of Tour to the Fresh Fish Traders’ School

I was very pleased that I could take part in “Back to School Tour: Visit to Fresh Fish Traders’ School” which was held by Student Housing Residential Life Office on 13 November 2015. Different from other voluntary activities, this time we had the chances to come up with creative ideas to interact with the local primary students. After joining this activity, I got some insight and understood the lives of local primary school students. More importantly, I have enhanced the skills of organization and communication which equipped me better for the future.

Before the visiting, we held a small meeting to discuss the logistic of this activity. Even though most of the participants were not familiar with one another at the beginning, many students could speak out their own ideas and make the planning session very smooth and effective.

When visiting the primary school, we were so impressed by the patience of the Principal, the decorations of the classrooms and the enthusiasm of the lovely students. Although the facilities of Fresh Fish Traders’ School were not very comprehensive and advanced, the atmosphere was very harmonious and warm. The relationship between students and the Principal was so intimate that the Principal would send small gifts as rewards to students. Also, the students were outgoing and polite. They greeted us when we passed by which made me so moved.

At the classroom, we eventually had a chance to interact with the students. At first, two foreign participants taught the students how to say “hello” in different languages which aimed to stimulate their interests. Afterwards, we did paper folding with them and help them with their homework. When talking with them, I could realize the heavy workload and the pressure from academics they faced. I realized that something was needed to be done to release the pressure of the young kids and to make their lives more vibrant. They might need more passionate volunteers to interact with them and to mentor them step by step.

All in all, this activity was very meaningful and I have harvested a lot. Looking forward to the next school visit trip!

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