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Fall 2016
Service Improvement by Listening
Theresa Lo
Assistant Director (Services & Administration)

To understand your needs and how ITSC could improve our services to fit your business needs, we carried out the annual IT Satisfaction Survey at end of April for both Students and Staff. Once again, we had a great turnout of 2598 students and 233 staff participated in the surveys.

This year, the survey for Students covered 11 service areas, including Campus Email, Computer Barns, Campus Wi-Fi Network, Student Hall Network, PRS, Path Advisor, etc., while for Staff, 15 service areas were covered, including Campus Email, Campus Wi-Fi Network, Cyber Security, Service Desk, File Storage, Telephone, etc. Participants were invited to rate their satisfaction on these services and to provide us with their comments. Comparing with last year’s result, we are delighted to see some encouraging raises on the satisfaction of some services, while there are emerging services which have room for some fine tuning. Looking ahead, we shall continue to strive, plan and prioritize our work based on the feedback and valuable comments (3000+) collected.

While the IT Satisfaction surveys focused on the general IT services that are commonly used by our end-users, we also carry out surveys on other services by “focused group” approach. These surveys will cover the service in more details and only those users using the Service will be invited to participate. One example is Service Desk support; you will receive an email survey after we have handled your enquiry. Through the survey questions, we hope to hear from you on your needs, your satisfaction ratings to our services and how we could further improve. So next time when you receive a survey from us, please spare a few minutes to complete the survey!

Finally, but most importantly, we would like to extend our thanks to our sponsor for the gifts and all the participants who completed the IT Satisfaction Survey. Also, special thanks to Mr Michael Cheng, Director of Purchasing Office, who helped to draw the 9 lucky participants, to receive a gift of appreciation. See aside for their happy moments when receiving the gift!

7 Winners Participating in Student Survey
2 Winners Participating in Staff Survey