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Fall 2016
Sustainability in IT
Steven Wong
Assistant Director (IT Infrastructure)

In the Summer 2015 the University top management had approved for implementing the HKUST Sustainability Action Plan which is also known as the 2020 Sustainability Challenge. It is proposed under this plan for a 10% reduction of energy and greenhouses gases and a 50% reduction of waste by 2020.

To be in line with the University direction in upholding sustainability, ITSC has made related efforts in the following areas:

  • Full Use of Recycled A4 Paper in Computer Barns - for the new academic year ITSC will deploy 100% recycled A4 paper in our barn environment, up from the 60% proportion for last year.
  • Order Recycled A4 Paper for ITSC Office Use - all future order of A4 paper for ITSC office printing and photocopying will be solely for recycled paper only.
  • Consider Eco-Packaging for IT Products - ITSC will request vendors to deliver IT goods in eco-packs (e.g. 10-pack version) where available and feasible to reduce packaging waste in addition to save storage space and cut down unboxing time.

    10-Pack Wireless Access Point
  • Deployment of a Private Cloud Environment - ITSC has set up an on-premise private cloud environment utilizing latest virtualization technology that allows running of multiple virtual servers (or virtual machines) on a physical server. This enables more effective usage of server resources as well as streamlining management. More and more departmental servers already migrated to this central private cloud environment.
  • Building A Next Generation Green Data Center - ITSC is working with FMO to build a more energy efficient data center by early 2018 using latest cooling technology and design. The present data center is over 25 years old, and overall cooling is not energy efficient as it does not make use of any hot air (or cold air) containment design.

containment approach for data center cooling