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Fall 2016
File Storage and Sharing
Y F Lai
Head of Infrastructure Systems

File storage and collaboration is often a common need in workplace. ITSC provides a variety of file storage and sharing solutions, namely the Secure File Share, Druva InSync Share and the OneDrive for Business. Staff can take advantage of these tools simultaneously and determine by the requirement of accessibility, ease of collaboration and security. If you are not sure which one to choose, check the following simple comparison table to see if it can help:

I need to:
Secure File Share
Druva InSync Share
OneDrive for Business
Access files anywhere from a mobile device
Work with others to edit the same document at the same time
Easily share documents with a workgroup
Store or share files containing high risk data
Allow a group or an individual to own a folder
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If you need to know more to pick the right solution, click here for a detailed comparison of above file storage and sharing solutions.