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Fall 2016
Document Backup
Y F Lai
Head of Infrastructure Systems

Have you encountered a painful experience that you deleted accidentally some important files and found no backup at all?

Documents backup solution in workplace computer is one of the mostly requested features for our users. ITSC now makes it available to all staff by the serivice of Druva InSync. No matter you are in office, at home and even travelling, Druva InSync is simple to use, highly efficient, and a very secure desktop backup solution. You can take control of your own backups, accessing your data anytime using a web browser or desktop client.

Feature highlights
  • Continuous, invisible backup while you can do manual backup at anytime
  • Self-service file restoration
  • Support multiple platforms and up to four devices per user
  • Be protected while travelling, at home or on campus
  • Data is encrypted during backup and in the backup archives
  • Easy to use web interface to manage backups, perform restores
  • Automatic email notifications for missed backups

Want to give it a try and enjoy full protection of your important documents? You just need to go through a very simple service activation process.

For details, please check our service website at: