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Cybersecurity Training
Charles Choy
IT Security Officer

People is the most important element when combating cybersecurity threat. ITSC has provided the following cybersecurity training courses for general end-users from time to time in the past years.

  • Introduction to IT Security and Desktop PC Protection
  • Mobile Security
  • Personal Data Privacy Protection
  • Cyber Security – Your Computer, Your Account and Your Mobile

Some technical trainings and briefings have also been conducted for our department Cyber Security Coordinators (CSC) and technical IT staff.

  • CSC Briefing : Security Policy, Risk Assessment and Minimum Security Standard
  • Linux and Window Server Security I
  • Introducing System Protection Tools for Server Administrators
  • Introducing Minimum Security Standards for Applications and Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Cybersecurity Refreshment Briefing for CSC - Data Protection

In future, we will continue to provide more training for our end-users, department Cyber Security Coordinators (CSC) and/or technical IT staff, as all of you are our key partners for combating cybersecurity. For details, please refer to our Training web site and ITSC Cybersecurity Academy.