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Fall 2016
Updates on Campus Wi-Fi Development
C.S. Wong
Head of Network Systems

 In year 2016, we have introduced a number of enhancements to our campus Wi-Fi infrastructure:

  • Deploy the next generation of Wi-Fi controllers that is optimized for 802.11ac performance with high speed throughput. 
  • Upgrade the indoor Wi-Fi network to support 802.11ac standard that can offer more than 3-fold speed improvement over the previous generation (820.11n).  Currently, the following areas are 802.11ac capable:
    • All classrooms and lecture theaters
    • Library (LG1, G/F & 1/F)
    • Computer barns
    • Atrium and concourse
    • Most catering outlets
  • Improve the outdoor Wi-Fi coverage with additional wireless access points (APs).
  • Optimize the Wi-Fi system to shorten the connection time
  • Merge sMobileNet into eduroam Wi-Fi service to facilitate simple Wi-Fi access in all eduroam institutions (including many international universities, institutes and all local UGC-funded tertiary institutions).