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Fall 2016
Network Registration System (NetReg) in Student Halls
C.S. Wong
Head of Network Systems

Both Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Services are available in all residential hall room. To access the wired network, students need to complete Network Registration for their computers with the input of:

  • Name and Room Number of the Residence Hall
  • Wall Outlet Port Number
  • MAC Address of the Computer

In this semester, ITSC has deployed a New Network Registration System called NetReg that can greatly simplify the registration process. Currently NetReg is available in the Student Halls upon the completion on the wired / wireless network upgrade including:

  • Undergraduate Hall I
  • Undergraduate Hall III
  • Undergraduate Hall VII
  • Undergraduate Hall VIII
  • Undergraduate Hall IX
  • Jockey Club Hall in Tseung Kwan O

The network upgrade for the remaining Student Halls is targeted to complete by end of 2017, NetReg will then be available in all Student Halls. For more information about NetReg, please visit our website.