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Fall 2016
Face-lifted Computer Barns!
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies

Computer barn A, B and C have been renovated in the summer with better A/V equipment, lighting, furniture, air-conditioning and utilization of space! 

Also, all PCs in the computer barns have been upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit to provide better user experience and software support. Some of them are even equipped with a solid-state disk (SSD) to increase performance. Boot-up and log-on time have been greately reduced. 
More details about the updated facilities for each computer barn can be found in the ITSC website.
We have also conducted a quick survey in computer barn B earlier. 86% of students liked our new setup while new PCs, furniture and environment were the most welcomed. 
The newly renovated computer barn B is equipped with wavy-shape tables, adjustable chairs, slimmest and fastest PCs which provides you a better usage experience!
Computer barn A & C general areas are equipped with new furniture and some equipped with power socket for you to use your own notebook. It is more spacious than the old setup!
Teaching areas of computer barn A and C are equipped with 48 PCs, full HD dual projection screens, Blu-ray players and digital visualizers.
Height adjustable tables are available in the newly renovated computer barns for students using wheel chairs
Electronic booking schedule is displayed at the door front of computer barn A and C teaching areas