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Student Printing Service Updates
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies
Multi-function Printer (MFP)
We have upgraded the printing system and are now in the process of setting up a number of multi-function printers (MFP) around the campus for you to copy, scan or print documents using your ITSC print budget, simply by tapping your student ID card on the card reader.
Document can be printed from your own notebook, computer barn PC, virtual barn workstation or USB thumb-drive. You can also scan document and send to email / USB thumb-drive or copy documents in b/w or color.
Copying and printing charge is the same as using the computer barn or satellite printers and scanning is free of charge!
These printers have been installed in the Cheng Yu Tung building, academic concourse area, student lounge at G/F, student center at LG/5 and student halls/TKO hostel. Details of the location can be found in the ITSC website.
By using your own notebook and the MFP, you can avoid the crowd in computer barns and can collect print out from any MFP that is nearest to you. Start using MFP now!
Printing charge & sustainability
Printing charge for color printing has been reduced since Sept 2015. To support the sustainability initiatives, all A4 printers are using high-quality recycled paper with quality similar to non-recycled paper. However, please consider the environment before printing.
Type A4 Charge A3 Charge
Black Simplex $0.3 $0.6
Black Duplex $0.5 $1.0
Color Simplex $2.0 $3.0
Color Duplex $3.3 $5.0


Carry forward of unused print budget

In addition to the $120 print budget assigned at the beginning of each academic year, 50% of the remaining “Assigned print budget" from the last academic year, if any, will be carried forward. The carried forward amount is shown as a separate transaction from the $120 assigned budget in your account.