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Fall 2016
BYOD in Teaching Venues
to make your teaching exciting
David Shiu
Head of IT Technical Services and A/V Technology

Do you teach in class and prefer to bring your own notebook or gadgets for teaching presentation?

ITSC provides a number of facilities in Teaching Venues, to make it easier for you to Bring Your Own Device (aka BYOD) for teaching.

In most newly renovated classrooms, you will find a lectern (Photo 1). This is the “base station” we designed for our teaching colleagues. On this lectern, we have many teaching aid devices, like a standard presentation PC, a Touch Panel for controlling the A/V system in the venue.

In addition, on either the left or right hand side of the Lectern, there is also a Connection Bay (Photo 2). This is where our teaching colleagues can connect their own devices to our A/V system.

There are three types of device you can connect to our teaching A/V system.

  • Notebook – You can show your notebook screen on our projectors, as well as audio output on our speaker systems. You can connect your notebook output with VGA (plus mini phone jack audio if you need the sound) or HDMI connection to the Connection Bay.
  • AUX – You can connect almost any A/V equipment or devices to our A/V system. We provide AUX connection ports at the Connection Bay. You can connect a Composite Video and Audio signal with RCA cable for Standard Definition Video, or connect an HDMI signal to the AUX HDMI port for High Definition Audio and Visual signals.
  • Apple TV – You can also wirelessly connect your Apple iPhone (if you don’t mind it to be too small), iPad and MacBook to our A/V system. You don’t need to connect a cable to the Connection Bay and restricting yourself to stand near the lectern area. You can freely walk around in the teaching venue and still have your device connected to the A/V system. To connect to the venue’s Apple TV, simply follow the following few steps:
    • connect your Apple device to the campus WiFi network – eduroam
    • start your Apple device searching for the Apple TV of that teaching venue and connect to it
    • You will be prompted for a security code which is shown on the projector when you choose Apple TV as the projector source with the Lectern’s Control System Touch Panel. The security code is a protection to ensure you are connecting to the right Apple TV device. After typing in the correct security code on your Apple device, its audio and video signal will be connected to the audio speakers and projectors respectively.

That’s all for now. If you are interested in knowing more about our A/V systems in the teaching venues, please watch out for our demo sessions of "Getting Started on Classroom A/V systems". Look forward to seeing you there!

Photo 1
Photo 2