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Fall 2016
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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David Shiu
Head of IT Technical Services and A/V Technology

Wouldn't it be good if you can have a place (free of charge) to install your field specific software, allowing you to do class preparation with that software ahead of time, then show it to your students during class? YES, YOU CAN!

ITSC provides a service call VDIT (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Teaching) to cater for this need. For each teaching colleague, ITSC can provide a free Virtual Machine (VM) installed with Windows 7 or Windows 10 as one would prefer. The VM is also installed with a set of common presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader etc. for your convenience.

Each of these VM is personal and can be further customized by you installing specific software for your class demonstration. They are accessible anytime, anywhere through the Internet. You can connect to your teaching VM using office computer, notebook, or even tablets like iPads or Androids pads, to prepare and touch-up teaching materials remotely, before class.

In this summer, the backend hardware and software of VDIT have been upgraded with enhanced performance. It is empowered by the latest VMware View 7, bringing an even more handy and responsive experience to you!

To start enjoying this service, please click here for more information.