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ITSC Student Internship Program & Curriculum
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Fall 2017
ITSC Student Internship Program & Curriculum
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies
Training session for student interns

In the past, ITSC recruited more than 50 student interns every year to participate in various IT related work. Students acquired valuable working experience by actively participating in the operation and development tasks. They found the program a good preparation for their future career.

Based on past experience, we have further enhanced the program this year and designed several curriculums for students to focus and achieve the best outcome after finishing the internship program.

Characteristics of the program include:

  • Wide ranging curriculums
  • Learning from work experience
  • Concrete learning outcome
  • Coaching & mentoring by experienced IT professionals
  • Real-life project experience
  • Preparation for future career


The following depicts the 7 curriculums of our new program:

ITSC student interns choose a mix of curriculums to complete every year. Relevant on-job training and mentoring are provided to selected to join and help us serve the university community and at the same time develop professional skills through this experience.