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Student Printing Service Updates
Computer Barn Updates
Revamp of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Getting Connected to Student Residential Network (ResNet)
Updates on Research Computing Facilities
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New HKUST Video Conference System - Vidyo
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Fall 2017
Computer Barn Updates
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies
PC workstation & printer at LSK 1/F
Virtual barn workstations at LSK G/F and 1/F

Relocation of PC and Printers at LSK Campus

For new uses of space and better utilization of facilities, all PC and printers in Computer Barn D (LSK-G010) have been relocated to LSK G/F and 1/F open areas. These PC and printers will be available 24 hours daily so you can work and print anytime there.

Please refer to the location map for all PC & Printer locations.