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Student Printing Service Updates
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Fall 2017
Student Printing Service Updates
William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies

Support of Mobile Printing

Besides using computer barn’s PC, you may now print from your own notebook computer, iPhone/ Android phone or tablet easily. You can also collect your print-outs from any one of the Multi-Function Printers (MFP) by tapping your HKUST ID card on the card reader without waiting for the print queue.

Please refer to the following installation guide for details.


More MFP in Campus

ITSC has installed more high-speed MFPs around the campus including 6 inside Computer Barn B and a few more near the coffee shop. All these MFPs enable you to copy, scan and print documents using your ITSC print budget.

More than 30 MFPs have been placed in computer barns, LSK campus, student halls, student lounge, student centers, language common and academic concourse areas. Details of the locations can be found from ITSC website. To avoid the crowd inside the computer barn, please consider using your own device to print!


Carrying Forward of Unused Print Budget
In addition to the $120 print budget assigned at the beginning of each academic year, 50% of the remaining print budget assigned in the last academic year will be carried forward. The carried forward amount will be shown as a separate transaction in your account.

Promotion of MFP and mobile printing in early September