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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Student Printing Service Updates
Computer Barn Updates
Revamp of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Getting Connected to Student Residential Network (ResNet)
Updates on Research Computing Facilities
Classrooms - just got better!
New HKUST Video Conference System - Vidyo
A/V upgrade for Council Chamber and Conference Rooms
ITSC Student Internship Program & Curriculum
Information Technology Support Forum (ITSF)
Fall 2017
Revamp of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Y F Lai
Head of Infrastructure Systems

The virtual barn service allows users to access university licensed software anywhere anytime with a thin client.  This service is powered by our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that has recenlty undergone a major overhaul for more capacities and performance.

In particular, the time to log on virtual desktop has been significantly reduced and the responsiveness of the virtual desktop has been largely improved. Hopefully such improvement should greatly enhance the overall user experience of the virual barn service. Please visit our website for more details of this service:

Besides the virtual barn service, the VDI powers other applications such as Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) terminals, teaching class specialized software for instructor and student.  The mobility and agility of VDI technology can make it more useful than you ever think.  For departments and offices, if you want to deliver a desktop software to your users at anywhere and anytime without physical boundary, VDI can be an ideal candidate. You are welcome to send us an email at to discuss your requirement and we can see how our VDI can help.