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Fall 2017
Classrooms - just got better!
David Shiu
Head of IT Technical Services & A/V Technology

With help from ARO and FMO, we are about to complete multi-year A/V upgrade project for all classrooms by the end of 2017. 

In this summer, a total of 7 classrooms, namely 3943, 4334, 5501, 5619, 6573, 6591 & 6602 were upgraded. These classrooms are now equipped with modern teaching aids system, including digital A/V systems, Personal Response System (iPRS) and Remote Video Capture (RVC) service from PTC.

Two of the classrooms, namely 6573 and 6591 which used to be multi-tiered, have now become flat-floor. The classrooms are now more spacious, with more seating capacities and at the same time provide a cozy, comfortable and modern-pedagogy-friendly environment for teaching. 

We have introduced some new technologies too. These include the laser light source projectors. These laser light source projectors are able to be turned on much faster than the previous lamp source projectors (9 secs vs 45 secs!). Also, it does not require regular replacement/disposal of used mercury vapor lamps. We know these old mercury vapor lamps are harmful to the environment. We are taking small steps towards a more sustainable world.

At the same time, ITSC is working on the enhancement of our A/V Control Systems in classrooms. We are looking forward to adding the following features to some selected classrooms in October to November.

  • Automatic switching to the lighting scenes after the projector is turned on (LT only).
    This will ensure the video projection environment is optimal for every class in the venue. 
  • Switching off individual projectors
    Sometimes our teaching colleagues may have accidentally switched on a wrong projector and would like to switch it off. We learned this from valuable feedbacks of users. The coming A/V Control System will provide the ability to switch off the projector not needed. 
  • Ability to tune the sound level of individual microphones (LT only).
    When you need to use multiple microphones in the Lecture Theaters, we would like the sound level of all microphones to be at similar levels. The new A/V Control System will provide this tuning feature.