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Fall 2017
A/V upgrade for Council Chamber and Conference Rooms
David Shiu
Head of IT Technical Services & A/V Technology

The University has recently upgraded the A/V systems in Council Chamber and 7/F Conference Rooms. 

The Council Chamber is now equipped with three laser light source video projectors supporting true High Definition video. Colleagues using this venue can now connect their own notebook with high quality HDMI video output to these projectors. The system also supports AirPlay which enable users to mirror Mac/iPad screens to the projectors. At the same time, the audio system has been upgraded to a fully digital conference system. It is equipped with 72 short table-top gooseneck microphones, allowing a much better voice pickup from the conferencing members. Also, the system is integrated with the University’s VoIP telephone system, allowing conference member to join in remoting with a phone call anywhere from the world. 

Conference Room 7332 and 7342 has also got a technology lift. They are now equipped with laser-light source video projector which provide a very good quality video projection for presentation and discussion.  Also, upon request, a portable wireless conference system can be installed in these two venues to enhance the conferencing and meeting experience.  

Room 7332 is also equipped with the campus Vidyo - Video Conference System, making this an ideal venue for holding presentations or interviews with overseas members.