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HKUST to Launch Interdisciplinary Environmental Program

Environmental Management and Technology
JUPAS Code: 5036
Abbr. Title: EVMT
Prog. Duration: 3 years
Planned Intake: 25

In September 2010, the first batch of students will enter HKUST's first Environmental Management and Technology program (EVMT) launched under the Division of Environment (ENVR).

Graduates from this exciting and challenging 3-year program are expected to take up jobs to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues our world faces in the next century.

With a specially designed curriculum introducing many new cross- disciplinary courses such as Green Buildings, Environmental Economics and Policy, Energy Resources and Usage, and Green Business Strategy, the program is rounded out with co-curricular activities such as study trips, seminars and internships.

Final year students will be given projects that require them to solve real environmental problems and apply learnt knowledge to real situations.

Providing solutions to global environmental problems

As our planet becomes more crowded, as countries become wealthier, the available resources to sustain economic growth and quality of life on Earth are running out. Even the air we breathe and the water we drink can no longer be taken for granted. The world is at its critical turning point, how we address such problems as climate change, water conservation, energy, marine, air and land resources, biodiversity and pollution, etc., is going to vastly impact the future of mankind. As China continues to grow in economic significance, how we create wealth and use environmental resources is a shared global problem.

Environmental problems are challenging. A problem such as fresh water or climate change span across the contents of many different subjects and is the target for interdisciplinary studies. Using HKUST's innovative interdisciplinary approach, ENVR has drawn together all relevant disciplines into the design of the EVMT program.

ENVR brought together a design team comprising specialists from various disciplines — Engineering, Social Science, Science, and Business. Working along with external advisors from Hong Kong's leading corporations, the team came up with a unique interdisciplinary program to train future professionals with the technical, economic, social, and  managerial skills necessary for green  jobs in business, government and non-profit institutions.

Growing market for green career

There is a growing future market for EVMT graduates. Prof Paul Forster, Co-Director of EVMT program says, "Businesses operating in Hong Kong and Mainland China are under increasing global pressure to find a solution to sustainable economic growth that does not sacrifice the environment to the extent it has in the past. Corporations are seeking skilled employees that understand the concepts of environmental science and technologies and can apply them effectively in the corporate world. EVMT will help nurture the skills necessary for these new professionals to succeed."

Green job opportunities are growing steadily. Studies indicate that there will be a severe shortage of skilled employees in the growing green industry and China is the right place to be. According to a report released by the Breakthrough Institute, Asia will outspend the U.S. three-to-one in clean energy in the next half decade and China will lead the way with massive spending on clean energy projects. In a review of Asian green jobs, the Asia Business Council finds that "China possesses the most favorable conditions overall for green job creation." For EVMT graduates, a green career is not just about the job, but an opportunity to make a positive difference while having a successful career.

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