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School of Engineering Offers Flexibility in Subject Choice

Good news for JUPAS and EAS applicants : HKUST's School of Engineering (SENG) has put in place a new initiative for the benefits of university applicants who have a knack in engineering but have yet to decide on their academic focus.

SENG's recently introduced School- based Admission Scheme (SBA) has included a new "school-based option" in addition to the "program-based" arrangement already in existence.

Featuring two new streams of studies that include a basketful of inter-related engineering subjects, this new school-based option will spare university applicants the need to choose a particular program in their admission application. In their few months of studies of HKUST after admission they can freely explore their interest in up to 7 programs grouped under respective streams.

Before the end of the first semester, students would have to select their favorite subject. To help them make a wise and informed decision, they will get advice from professors and be arranged to attend information and counseling sessions organized by SENG and departments before they tie their knots with individual departments.

The diagram below shows SBA's two streams of academic programs:

ENGG-A Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

5311 Chemical Engineering
5323 Chemical and Environmental Engineering
5347 Chemical and Bioproduct Engineering
5361 Civil and Environmental Engineering
5373 Civil Structural Engineering
5610 Mechanical Engineering

ENGG-B Computer Science & Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Logistic Management

5414  Computer Science
5426  Computer Science (Information Engineering)
5464  Computer Engineering
5517  Electronic Engineering
5529  Electronic Engineering (Information and Communication Engineering)
5567  Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
5579  Logistics Management and Engineering

In brief, ENGG-A is more focused on chemical, civil and mechanical engineering, while ENGG-B focuses more on computer and electronic engineering, as well as engineering management.

For those who are clear about their direction, they can stick to the existing "rogram-based" option by taking one of the 13 individual programs (which are already included in ENGG-A and B) on offer as their major.

As the theme of the School-based Option "An informed Choice to Explore your Potential" indicates, the Scheme offers the best of both worlds by giving potential candidates a more flexible start to explore their interests in engineering while allowing the "convicts" to go ahead with their planned choices.

Engineering A
JUPAS Code: 5505
Abbr. Title: ENGG-A
Prog. Duration: 3 years
Planned Intake: 61

Engineering B
JUPAS Code: 5555
Abbr. Title: ENGG-B
Prog. Duration: 3 years
Planned Intake: 100