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Recap of a Memorable Year
Sherlyn Khor, Malaysia (BBA, Year 2)

WOW! I can't believe I have completed my first year of undergraduate studies in HKUST. I’ve experienced much more excitement and fun than anticipated since my arrival on the University campus in August 2008. The campus activities, the academic and hall life that I have taken part, plus the friends that I’ve met, …everything looks fabulous and exciting, and I must admit I’ve been through a wonderful year.

Being a first year Business student, I've always wanted to make the most out of the time that I could spend on events and activities, apart from studying. Below is a brief recap of the memorable events that I’ve taken part.

In the fall semester of 2008, I joined a community service project organized by the Rotaract Club of HKUST in concert with an NGO, Sowers Action. During the first two weeks of the project, our team of volunteers planned and organized a fund raising campaign called "Pens for Children". Our aim was to encourage people to contribute HK$10 towards buying a pen for the children in need. The campaign was a great success as we managed to raise over HK$20,000 (=2,000 pens!) from the UST community in just 3 days.

During winter break, I joined Sowers Action's working group and visited primary school students in the mountainous areas of Sichuan. It was a daunting trip (as it involved a LOT of rough and jolty journeys), but it was inspiring and meaningful.

Throughout the 7-day trip, I visited 10 primary schools in 5 major regions of Sichuan Province, and met more than 500 children in their schools! It was a heart warming experience to see children studying hard and paying full attention to the teachers in classes despite the very tough studying conditions there. I also remembered vividly the joy and excitement the children felt when candies were being handed out for sharing and we took photos together. At some transient moments I felt myself taking up the role of a "Santa Claus" charged with the special mission of delivering joy and peace to these lovely kids. Hohoho……

The remote and isolated villages that these kids dwelt in had little access to modern technology and facilities. In contrast I could not help feeling lucky, as I was brought up in a relatively affluent environment complete with modern infrastructure and facilities.
At least, I do not have to walk to school for an hour or so everyday! Those kids are wonderful!

We also went sightseeing in Sichuan after the service trip. I visited "Hai Luo Gou" (Conch Gully), the biggest glacier park in China located in the Gongga Mountains in Western Sichuan. The park where I had my first snowing experience was stunning! This was also a great place for us to dip into the hot springs and hike into the forests for a glimpse of the beauty of the glacier.

As for the Spring Semester 2009, I was actively involved in the HKUST-Hang Seng  Bank  Green  Ambassador Program. We had conducted several learning trips on environment sustainability, global warming as well as energy conservation. I feel honoured to be selected a trainee of the program and share my interest in environmental sustainability with like-minded enthusiasts.

Under this program, we completed several green group projects. I was also involved in a few recycling projects to promote reduced usage on paper, plastic and Styrofoam on the campus. In HKUST’s Environment Week held in April, we showed our works to the University community through an exhibition and we turned first runners- up in Hang Seng Bank’s Green Challenge Competition! It was a fun learning experience. I’m glad that I have made an impact to the University community through helping to increase environmental awareness.

Apart from these, I’ve also participated in some other interesting events on the campus. Enjoy this summer everyone! I am sure there's more to come in my next year of studies and I am looking forward to it!! Chao~~

(The above is an article retrieved from HKUST International Students’ blog. To know more about the campus life of HKUST's international students, please visit: