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New Division to Break New Grounds

To enhance competitiveness and to raise Life Science teaching and research programs to the level of excellence, which coincides with the 334-academic reform, a new Division of Life Science was established under the School of Science on 1 July 2010 through the integration of the former Departments of Biochemistry and Biology. It is envisioned that the Division will develop into a full-fledged academic unit that is broad-based and forward looking in recognition of the exciting scientific developments in the life science ranging from environmental science, marine biology, to molecular cellular biology of different model organisms. It spans broad disciplines from cancer, neuroscience, developmental biology to biotechnology, traditional Chinese medicine and disease models. It will also foster growing connection of sciences and engineering disciplines.

The Division will continue to offer undergraduate programs in Biochemistry, Biology, and Molecular Biomedical Sciences under one roof, and will be launching new programs upon commencement of the 4 year system. Through the scientific study in the molecular, cellular and functional basis of living organisms such as plants, animals, and human beings, the undergraduate programs aim at stimulating students’ interest in the study of life science subjects, emphasizing both the introduction of relevant concepts and theories, as well as vigorous training in experimentation.