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School of Science MenTernship Program

The School of Science launched last Spring a MenTernship Program which brings together mentorship and internship. The School had invited Mrs Fanny Law, news anchor Oscar Lee, pastor Jerry Wong and other mentors from different walks of life to help widen the students’ perspectives.

Prof Tai-Kai Ng, the Associate Dean of Science, said, "Our MenTernship Program involves both internship at reputable companies and mentorship led by mentors. This is to ensure that students can learn more and have a stronger sense of participation."

From the mentors

Oscar Lee, news anchor and HKUST alumnus (MBA) and a HKU student major in science, shared his experience of building a career and solving problems, “When I became a journalist upon graduation, I had to overcome many problems. But the exposure helped me grow personally and professionally in the long run.”

Pastor Jerry Wong, Board Chairman of Happy Tree Social Services, founder of the House of the Rainbow Bridge Orphanage in Cambodia which is home to 95 orphans with AIDS, and caregiver of 400 orphans in Cambodia, China and India told us that, "I first worked with science students at HKUST when they visited the ghettos in Cambodia early this year. The students took their tasks seriously and responsibly. They had strong organizational skills and were always on time, which made an impression on me. Sharing our thoughts after the event, I learned that science students, just like other students, had the passion to serve and to empathize with those having difficult times.”

Student sharing

Wai-pong Leung (Chemistry) was invited by mentor Mrs Fanny Law (former Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower of HKSAR) for a meal at her home together with four other mentees. "We chatted for eight long hours about ourselves and our views about current affairs. Later, Mrs Law invited us to attend a youth seminar and the sharings of King-Wai Cheung, director of the documentary "KJ”. She explored with us the possibilities of having internships at NGOs and teaching positions at poverty-stricken areas."

Leung joined a volunteer team to teach children inflicted with AIDS in Cambodia. "I was a little scared before I got there but the fear quickly vanished when I met the lovely children. I really missed them and their genuine laughter. Despite the fact that they had AIDS and were deserted by their own parents, I witnessed the most beautiful natures in them. In Hong Kong, we enjoy material pleasures with iPHONE and WiFi but we also have endless competitions. It’s only when we do away with the Internet and our hectic lifestyles that we can truly appreciate simple joy. I was immensely touched by Pastor Wong who founded the orphanage so that the orphans could pass away with dignity.”

Another student said, "We now have a better understanding about the local community and agricultural production. The activities help raise our concern for grassroots families.”