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Make Language Learning Work for YOU!
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Make Language Learning Work for YOU!

Do you shudder at the thought of learning English?  Does it resonate with words like "boring", "dry" and "no thanks!"?

Well, not at HKUST! Here we strive to make Language learning fun and relevant. Thanks to iAction - a team of Language Center instructors, Language Activity Officers and student leaders dedicated to changing the way you think about learning English - learning English has never been better!

Just look at some of the things we have to offer!


Have you ever spoken English for a whole hour non-stop? A whole day? What about four days in a row?

Here is your chance to prepare for life at UST! Relax and enjoy our 4-day long orientation camp, which 'wraps' you up in  games and activities that let you have fun, all the while improving your spoken English and helping you bond with new students and your seniors from different departments.

Don't miss this chance! All students admitted to the UST in the Fall semester are welcome to apply!

English Language Buddy Scheme (ELBS)

Now in its third year running since Fall 2009, the English Language Buddy Scheme (ELBS) program provides students with opportunities outside class time to practice English in a relaxing and supportive environment facilitated by a student leader fluent in English ('buddy').

In small groups, students of different academic disciplines, years, and nationalities meet regularly to engage in social activities of their choice such as sampling international cuisines, hiking, sailing, and singing karaoke, while conversing in English all the time to improve oral fluency and communication skills.

Mini-Immersion Camps (MIP)

These camps that range from a day to a week are designed specifically to put your language in action.
Participate in extreme sports events, cooking classes, talks by guest speakers, conferences, Young Executive Training (YET) communication camps, and the many language workshops that are offered throughout the year to strengthen your presentation, socializing, negotiation and intercultural communication skills in English.

Learn language the way it was meant to be learned- through action!

Support for English Language Learning (SELL)

SELL are customized activities designed in collaboration with instructors to support classroom learning in specific English language courses.

Socialize and network with expatriates, take a walk in the park with visiting professors, hike Sai Kung with native English-speaking guests, talk with ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, enrich your vocabulary through interactive activities.  Whatever your preference, there is a SELL program for you!

So come one, come all and join iAction activities.  Don't work to learn language, make language learning work for you!