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School-based Admission
Pick a door, any door

Apply and enter one of our 4 Schools

4-year Undergraduate Program Curriculum

Flexible programs, a variety of pathways

First year Co-curriculum Programs: Overseas exchange, UG research, internship, Community & Service Learning...... Enrichment Activities: Hall life, student activities, community services

University Common Core*
(30% of total credits required for graduation)

School Foundation**
(24% to 39% of total credits required for graduation)

You'll have the first 2 or 4 terms taking University Common Core courses, and learning the fundamentals of the major programs of the school you are admitted to. Take your time finding your interest before deciding your study path. Make an informed choice!

Year 2, 3 & 4 Choose your study path# at end of Year 1 or beginning of Year 2
(your chosen Major takes up 20% to 46% of total credits required for graduation)
One major program from your school Two major programs from your school One major program from your school, and a second major from another school Interdisciplinary Programs One major and another minor program 

Credit requirement for graduation varies between 120 to 140 +


Single Major Double Major Dual Degree## IPO Single or Dual Degree Single Major with Minor(s)


* University Common Core
All UG students will complete the same set of common core requirements totalling 36 credits (out of 120+) from 200+ courses.

** School Foundation
Broad-based introductory courses offered by our four Schools.

# Study Path (Major Programs offered by 4 Schools and IPO)
You may choose any major program from your own school and interdisciplinary programs.
## Dual Degree Program may take up to 140+ credits and 5 years to complete.

UG Research
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is UST's signature program. It gives you a precious opportunity to taste what research is like at undergraduate level. You'll partner with a faculty member to work on specific subject area and use high-tech or high-priced equipment.

Overseas Exchange
About 35% of UG students engage in overseas exchange at one of our 180+ partner institutions for at least one semester before graduation. We aim at providing exchange opportunities for 50% of UG students in three years.

Corporate Internship
The University offers a multitude of corporate internship and placement opportunities for students to apply what they learn and gain valuable experience in the real work environment.

Community & Service Learning
HKUST is committed to serving the community and seeks to incorporate service learning into teaching. Our students, faculties and staff are extensively engaged in various community services.