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Fall 2012
The New ITSC Service Desk
by Theresa Lo

"Where should I go to get help from ITSC?"

Going to different locations to get help from ITSC for different services can be very inconvenient and puzzling to the users. For example, if I want to borrow software and at the same time need some technical advice; I will need to visit two different locations. It had been our vision for quite some time to offer a convenient one-stop service to users who should just need to remember one location for obtaining IT and classroom support.

Moving ahead to achieve this goal, we have recently amalgamated the original ITSC Helpdesk and ITSC AV Counter, which used to be at different locations, into a new Service Desk.  The new ITSC Service Desk is located at Room 2021 (Lift 2 2/F).

The two groups of colleagues who used to support Helpdesk and AV Counter respectively have been working very hard for the past few months in preparation for this change. Numerous working, sharing and training sessions were conducted in order to share technical expertise, strengthen team working and in some cases re-train for new skills. The new ITSC Service Desk was first open in July in preparation for supporting the new cohorts.  We are all excited by this unique opportunity to better serve the new demand arising from the University’s transition into the new 334 system.

Since the University’s class hours have been extended, the opening hours of ITSC Service Desk is also extended accordingly to provide timely support for teaching venues. We also take this chance to expand our service hours to cover the lunch hour, evenings and Saturdays.

New opening hours for Fall term:

Mon - Fri: 8:45am - 7:30pm

Sat: 8:45am - 5:00pm

Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

Please do come visit us at the new ITSC Service Desk in case you come across any problem in using our IT services or classroom facilities, and don’t forget to grab a piece of candy from the Service Desk.  Yes, we understand your frustration when things that should work do not turn out so. We will try our best to serve you as soon as possible and in the meantime, please relax and take a piece of candy of your favourite.