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Fall 2012
Satellite Printers for Learning
by Theresa Lo

"Are there any printing facilities on campus which operate 24x7?"

YES, you can do your printing at the Satellite Printers. These printers are so called because they are scattered across different locations of the campus, capable of black-and-white or color printing on double sides (i.e. "duplex"). The main purpose of Satellite Printers is to facilitate student's learning activities by providing more service points for networking printing, besides those printers inside the computer barns. Print jobs are charged at the same rate as printing in the computer barns.

Satellite Printers are located at:

Area Location
Coffee Shop Beside the paid phone (1/F)
Academic Concourse Outside LT-J self-study area (2/F)
UG Hall I G/F Common Room
UG Hall II 2/F Common Room
UG Hall III G/F Sitting Room

More Satellite Printers will be added to locations at:

Area Location
UG Hall IV G/F Sitting Room
UG Hall VII 1/F Rm C103
PG Hall II G/F Lobby

In addition, two Satellite Printers with capability to charge from the Octopus card will be installed next month for trial use. For more information about the Satellite Printers and setup instructions, please visit:

Should you have a good location in mind for a Satellite Printer, please let us know by sending your suggestions to

Satellite Printer