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Issue No.85, Sep 2012
Facilities Updates / 334 Initiatives

In anticipation of the increased needs upon the Library with the expanded student body, several improvements and initiatives are being implemented.

Extended Hours

The Learning Commons hours will be greatly increased. Starting in October, the Learning Commons will open for 22 hours per day, every day through the end of exams in December. If this proves helpful, the same hours will be in effect for most of the spring term.

E-Learning Objects

In view of the intensive development of online learning aids in University, in this summer, the Library had embarked to establish an e-learning objects repository to support Library information literacy instruction. The establishment of the repository will enable students at different levels and in various subject disciplines to find online instructions suitable for their study and research needs, and to learn at their own pace. The design of these e-learning objects are particularly effective in instructing students on how to find and use Library resources to augment their chosen course of study and in helping students become information literate.

Facilities Improvements

In the past year, the size of the Library has increased almost 20%, with all of the extra space devoted to learning space, enabling a 45% increase in study seats and a wide array of facility types in the new Learning Commons. With the addition of another 100 seats this Summer, the Library now provides over 3,100 study spaces. And that does not include the outdoor seating available on the new terraces and rooftop garden.

With the opening of the Learning Commons, almost 50 user-bookable group study rooms are now available, and half of them will be available 22 hours per day for most of the year.

You Can Help

At times the Library will be very crowded. Help your fellow students and yourself - please be considerate and observe the guidelines on Library Behavior and use of study rooms, and follow the direction of Library staff as needed.

If you have any suggestions for building or facilities improvements, please let us know at