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Issue No.85, Sep 2012
Information Literacy / Center for Language Education Collaboration

The Library has engaged in different initiatives to build up students' information literacy competencies in 2011-2012.

Since spring 2011, 2 reference librarians attended lectures and group discussions of a new engineering common core course ENGG 1110, working closely with students on finding solutions to real world challenges. This partnership strengthened our relationship with faculty and students, and also helped us better understand the learning and information-seeking behaviors of our students.

Collaboration with the Language Center (now the Center for Language Education) to pilot an instruction program for 1st and 2nd year students of the four schools started in fall 2011, with 52 Library sessions given to over 700 1st year science and engineering students studying LANG 1001. In spring 2012, 54 sessions were given to around 1,200 students who took discipline-related courses LANG 2070, LANG 2030, LANG 2049 and LABU 2052.

Starting fall 2011, selected Library workshops such as Classification of Library Materials, Copyright, E-Books, Introduction to University Archives and Special Collections were included in the "Wellness & Personal Enrichment" elective of the Healthy Lifestyle (HLTH1010) Course for 1st year undergraduates.

In this wide variety of Library instruction activities, students were introduced to organization and preservation of information, subject specific literature and search tools, effective search skills and responsible use of information to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement. The skills they learnt will be useful for personal and professional development.