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Issue No.85, Sep 2012
Library Holds 1st Ceramic Exhibition

For the first time in HKUST Library's history, we will stage a ceramic exhibition titled So-lan's Totem • A Solo Exhibition of Chiu So-lan's Ceramic Works (素蘭圖騰 • 趙素蘭個人陶藝作品展) this fall. Featuring over 270 pieces of Ms Chiu So-lan's recent pottery works, the exhibition will be opened on 18 October by Dr David Mole and the ceramic artist.

Ms Chiu grew up in an artist family whose father is a Lingnan-style painter. She learned Chinese calligraphy, brushwork and seal engraving in her early age and was influenced by Western arts such as watercolor and oil painting during her childhood in Macau. In the 1990s, she moved to New Zealand where she engaged herself in ceramic arts and started to develop her own unique style embracing Chinese and Western inspirations.

All exhibits are new creations. "Solan's Totem (素蘭圖騰)" consists of 5 pieces, ranging from 6 to 7.5 feet tall, representing the artist's new stage of style-and-concept transcendence. "Bing Ju Xing (兵車行)" is an installation created with Chinese seal cutting technique. This classic Chinese poem is carved in traditional seal scripts, Jin Wen (金文), onto clay seals, each carrying one word from the poem, and each seal has a unique form. Other pottery figures such as the Kafka Series (卡夫卡系列) carry the artist's passion for this influential writer.

Don't miss the opportunity to view this extraordinary exhibition in the Library Gallery!