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Issue No.85, Sep 2012
Farewell to Samson

After serving as the University Librarian for 9 years, Dr Samson Soong retired in June. The President and staff from the Library, departments and units said good-bye and wished him a healthy retirement in a farewell tea party.

Before his departure, Samson shared his thoughts about the achievements of these past 9 years. He was most proud of the increased user satisfaction and the enhanced Library reputation in the University community, as a result of collective and concerted efforts. Over the years, the Library received high ratings in both internal and external user surveys.

As to some difficulties he had faced in this period, he mentioned that upon his arrival at HKUST in 2003, the Library had to cut subscriptions to many journals due to a substantial collection budget deficit. Decisions on where and how to cut were very difficult, in addition to the strong resistance from departments and faculty.

"I treasure the HKUST Library staff I have worked with most." Samson fondly remembered the times he has worked closely with his staff and would not forget the efforts we have collectively made.

"I simply follow one secret recipe: Always do what is best for the Library" was his answer about his secret in being the leader.

We all wish Samson to be happy, peaceful and healthy as he turns to a new chapter in his life.