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Issue No.86, Nov 2012
Collection Spotlight

North China Herald Online

Published in Shanghai between 1850 to 1940, this English language newspaper is a treasure trove for scholars researching modern Chinese history. The Herald had correspondents across China, supplying a steady stream of content of incredible variety. Apart from news reflecting the social, cultural and political life of the foreign settlements; the Herald also gave trade statistics, stock prices, essays on Chinese culture and language, law reports from foreign courts in the settlements, company reports, maps, cartoons, photographs, and lots more.

The Library previously had this important primary resource on microfilm. Now the online edition has arrived. Users can freely search and browse the archive and uncover valuable snapshots of China in the so-called "treaty century".

National Geographic Archive

Many of us grew up with the National Geographic magazine. It is famous for its high-quality photojournalism and excellent map-making; and for providing unparalleled, in-depth coverage of cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment. The online archive provides complete coverage of this renowned magazine from 1888-1994. All text, photos and maps are faithfully reproduced with searching and browsing functions.