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Issue No.86, Nov 2012
November BookTalk

What do you think London represents? Or, what do you think represents London? «英倫話語» published earlier this year, paints a picture of the city unlike an ordinary guidebook. The author, Miss Bonnie Chen, put together memories of her life as a student when she pursued a master degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2009-10. She took an unconventional perspective to the city's rich culture and history. For the BookTalk, she will share her tips on how to explore London beyond the popular tourist icons.

Miss Chen is an experienced journalist who covers local politics and business news for both Chinese and English media. She is currently the Business News Editor of The Standard.

Come to the BookTalk: London - beyond fish n'chips and Big Ben - November 23rd (Friday), 2-3pm in the Library Gallery. The talk will be in English.