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Issue 24 (Spring 2012-13)
RPG Online Research Skills Courses

Paving the path to research success at your own pace

Have you ever thought of learning from experts around the world at the tips of your fingers? It’s now possible with just a few clicks in the Learning Management and Evaluation System (LMES).

LMES, an eLearning platform developed by CELT, provides students with a rich database of online courses delivered by renowned scholars around the globe. These courses specially focus on research skills and are highly interactive, in which students can form their study groups and facilitate discussions on the forum.

Some topics are as follow:

Research Skills

  • Introduction to Research Skills
  • Getting Published
  • Managing Relationship with your Supervisor
  • Selecting Conferences, Presenting and Networking

Research Integrity

  • Designing—Planning your research with responsibility
  • Conducting—Presenting findings and interpreting data in an accurate and unbiased way
  • Reporting—Turning findings into scholarly publications with integrity
  • Responsibilities to Society—Engaging responsibly with the public

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