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Healthy Living Festival 2013
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Issue 24 (Spring 2012-13)
Healthy Living Festival 2013

Healthy Living Festival is one of the events regularly held by Counseling & Development Team of the Student Affairs Office. Over the past years, we had shared the themes including The Road to Resilience (毅行人生路), Love is All Around (愛滿載), Something About Happiness (關於快樂的二三事), and Offer My Gratitude (謝謝儂).

For this Spring Term 2013, we are going to launch the new theme "Work Hard, Play Hard" (好逸好勞)!

The upcoming Festival will be from 22 April to 10 May, 2013.  During this period, a series of seminars and workshops, roving exhibition, movie appreciation and a photography contest will be arranged for all students and colleagues.  We aim at promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle among us so that we would enjoy our life with energy, happiness and diversity.

Please keep a close eye on the details to be announced soon.  Stay tuned!