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Student Ambassadors @Education Expo 2012
Issue 24 (Spring 2012-13)
Student Ambassadors @Education Expo 2012

Globalization is gradually changing the landscape of higher education, which can be measured by the growing movement of faculty around the world, as well as the doubling of cross-border collaborations.

In recent years, our University has been strengthening ties with many overseas universities with a view to promote idea exchange and identify potential areas of collaboration such as co-tutelage arrangement, visiting internship schemes, research collaboration, and student recruitment.

Since the launch of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme in 2009, outreach efforts have significantly intensified. In the past two years, the PG Outreach & Admissions Team (PGOA) has been visiting a few targeted countries in Eastern Europe.

Apart from fostering partnership with overseas universities, PGOA has participated in two of the largest education fairs in Hungary and Romania. During the fairs, we were able to interact with thousands of potential students, establish connections with agents and prestigious European universities.

Last year, we had two PG students from Hungary and Romania respectively joining the recruitment trip as a student ambassador to help spread the good word of HKUST to the peers in their home countries.

Let’s listen to what they have to say about this special experience:

"Last October I was granted the chance to join the outreach campaign to Hungary as a studnet representative. It was really exciting to go back to my alma mater and at the same time gain valuable insights of how the diplomatic negotiation is conducted among universities. 

Helping HKUST for the first time on its mission to attract global talents is challenging; yet I am glad to serve as a bridge between HKUST and my home country, which allows more fellow Hungarian students to come and experience this vibrant and amazing Asian university. "

Csaba Hefler, PhD student in Mechanical Engineering

"I am honoured to be chosen as the student ambassador representing HKUST at the Romanian International University Fair (RIUF), one of the largest education fairs in my home country. Consider that HKUST is the only exhibitor from Asia, our booth has consistently drawn big crowds and we even got interviewed by a few local TV and radio stations. It was a truly rewarding experience for me to share my study experiences in HK with many gifted fellow students.

I myself visited the same fair last year when HKUST came to Romania for the first time and now, I am on the other side of the booth representing HKUST. Isn’t it amazing?"

Alexandru Tilita, MPhil student in Mechanical Engineering