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Environmental Report 2012
Established in 2008, the Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee (ESSCom) was appointed by the University Administrative Committee to help formulate a strategic plan on the sustainability of HKUST. ESSCom carried out a two-year pilot project to establish a sustainability program at HKUST and formulated a "Greener UST" initiative. The initiative is a strategic plan which aims to institutionalize sustainability across the University. As part of the initiative, a Sustainability Unit was established under the Health, Safety and Environment Office in 2012. The Unit will design and oversee the implementation of a campus sustainability action plan. ESSCom will remain in place to guide the Sustainability Unit. 
The main roles of the Sustainability Unit are to:
  • Facilitate the establishment of HKUST as a leader in sustainability practices and research.
  • Liaise with other key units to launch programs, provide services and monitor progress.
  • Support and facilitate the development and implementation of a sustainability framework across all campus operations.
  • Continue to support ESSCom and develop the committee into a multidisciplinary group that oversees the accountability and performance of campus sustainability. 
In 2010, a Working Group on Enhancing Campus Energy Efficiency and Waste Management was established. The Working Group consists of students and staff from the Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO), the Institute for the Environment, the Facilities Management Office (FMO), the Student Affairs Office (SAO), the Campus Service Office (CSO), the Public Affairs Office (PAO), the Student Union and the Staff Association. The Group is responsible for coordinating and enhancing energy efficiency and waste management issues on campus.